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How much do you know about the Princess Cut Engagement Ring?
Posted: 2019-11-01 - 0 comment(s)

Princess cut
In terms of engagement rings, Princess Square Cut Engagement Ring is one of the fastest emerging popular choices. This cut was launched around the 1960s and is named after what we know today.
Typically, it is a square or slightly rectangular cut with a 4-sided pyramid on the underside, containing 57 or 76 facets, the brightest of all the square diamonds. Engagement rings are highly sought after for their excellent light distribution and eye-catching modern look.

Great value
Although the round cut is a popular engagement ring. But the glory of the princess is roughly the same as the beauty, sometimes more beautiful for some people, and the cost is lower! This is actually due to the cutting process, as the rough diamonds are usually in the shape of a cube, which means that the diamond manufacturer can make two princess-cut diamonds from one rough diamond instead of just one round, thus reducing the blank The waste of diamonds.
This also makes the princess cut at a lower price because it uses less than half the cost of a circular cut. A very economical choice.

Compared to circular cuts of the same carat weight, princess cuts give you the visual illusion of a bigger diamond. This is because the diameter of the square is measured from one corner to the other, and the stone cut by the expert can make the light reflect better. This is why it is important to find a higher quality gem.
Ok, here’s the information about the princess cutting the wedding ring. Did you understand?

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