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Posted 1 hour ago by karry
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It’s smart to consider the full wedding set when picking out an engagement ring. There are several different ways to think about weddin...
Posted 1 day ago by karry
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Oval brilliants are elegant, eye-catching and one of Italo's most requested lab grown diamond shapes. These stunning diamonds are cut in ...
Posted 2 days ago by karry
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Who ever said cheap beautiful engagement rings can’t be excellent quality and jaw-droppingly gorgeous? These rings prove otherwise. Tha...
Posted 3 days ago by karry
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An engagement ring is usually the first large purchase that a person will make. It comes with a life long commitment, making it that more...
Posted 4 days ago by karry
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Twenty years ago, people were worried about typing into a chat box online. Today, it's nothing to buy a ring online. You can buy a diamon...
Posted 6 days ago by karry
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Wedding rings made of precious metals will start at a wedding ring made of silver. In the UK, silver has four different purity standards:...
Posted 7 days ago by karry
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Did you know that our white sapphier stackable band set is not only wedding rings, but fashion bands too? At Italo, we have a collection ...
Posted 8 days ago by karry
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When purchasing a pear shaped diamond wedding ring , it helps to know which attributes to look out for. That way, you can avoid pulling a...
Posted 9 days ago by karry
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Imagine if Eve had picked a pear in the Garden of Eden instead of that darn apple. She would’ve stood out from all the other women (had...
Posted 2 weeks ago by karry
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Princess cut In terms of engagement rings , Princess Square Cut Engagement Ring is one of the fastest emerging popular choices. This cut ...

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