We understand that the privacy of members, subscribers, guests and/or visitors is very important. We have developed this Policy to ensure that your privacy and personal data are protected while using Personal data is protected against any unauthorized access from third parties. Privacy policy terms and conditions are the same for all users and is open for everybody. One of its most important features is a possibility to publish and provide the information about the User, thus making it known and accessible for all the users of the Web. It can be tagged by search engines unless the User has decided on different Account settings and set a different privacy level. /See Privacy Levels/.
Exploitation Data Processing /Terms and Conditions/ and "cookies".
Following the generally accepted on the Web rules, data such as IP is used by for technical reasons only /for example our servers administration/. Beside that IP addresses are used to gather general, statistic and demographic data (for example on geographical region the connection is from). use "cookies" to store and sometimes track information to make your online experience easier and more personalized. Sometimes identification and personalized access to services are based on cookies, however, most often the User is requested to carry out one-time authorization per session by means of a password. Disabling cookies in the browser may cause difficulties in using our service. Cookies are also used to collect general statistics on using our service.
Changing the conditions of storing or receiving cookies is possible by configuring the settings in your web browser, for example: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari.
Data provided in the registration process:
During the registration process for, you provide us with your name (names) and your surname, the date of birth, email (login), password, and one-time generated code to verify your Account.
Disclosure of Your Information in the Profile:
The Profile discloses all the data provided in the registration process excluding the date of birth, email (login) and one-time verification code. It can optionally disclose the User's interests, list of friends, list of groups the User is a member of and a number of User's entries on forums.
Personal Data
Krzysztof Stelmach whose address is ul. Stryjeńskich 13D/41, Warszawa is the administrator of the personal data provided during the registration process. processes personal data in accordance with the Law and the terms and conditions listed in Privacy Policy. We use reasonable security measures to help protect personal data the User provided. We process the data for the purposes of the services we provide, and with the user's permission, for marketing and statistic purposes.
Privacy Levels
The User can choose one of the several levels of data disclosure in the Account Settings:
"Who can see my Profile", with the options:
- "all Web users",
- "all interested Users of",
- "my friends' friends", "my friends".
"Who can invite me", with the options:
- "all interested users of",
- "my friends' friends",
- "Nobody".
"Who can send emails to me", with the options:
- "all interested users of",
- "my friends' friends",
- "my friends".
Content provided by Users
Comments and messages which are displayed on forums or public groups. Messages displayed in private groups are visible for the members of these groups and Administrator. Private messages sent to other Users are visible only to these Users.
Storing Data and Data Protection
Users' personal data is stored in the data base which is supported by technical and logistic measures that ensure the protection of the data being processed. We carry out data protection with the accordance with both the requirements of the regulations on personal data protection, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Administration Order dated 29 April 2004 /The order is on technical and organizational conditions IT systems and equipment which process personal data must meet (Dz. U. Nr 100, p. 1024)/ and Personal Data Protection General Inspector guidelines. The access to the data base is open to the Administrators who have authorization.
Reviewing, Changing or Removing Your Personally Identifiable Information. Limitation.
Once you register, you will be able to review and change your Personally Identifiable Information in order to update it or to delete it. To avoid double-registration of the users who have been banned from our service, we reserve the right to refuse to delete the data and block any renewed registration attempt./ par. 19 p. 2 p. 3 from par. 21 p .1 Act dated 18 July 2002 on online services (Dz. U. Nr 144, p. 1204 further changes). Our refusal to delete the data can also take place in other situations defined by the Law.
Within legal regulations, has the right to partially disclose User's data to the third parties in order to protect their copyrights, however we can do it only after having received the request in writing issued by the party we are in cooperation with in this respect. A business/individual who issues such a request is obliged to prove the content / product / service is copyright. There has to be a suspicion of violating these rights. has the right to disclose the personal data on User's request or demand from legally authorized state institutions. Emails sent to are stored in archives and in some cases can be used in court cases as evidence.
Links to other websites does not control the privacy policies of third parties, thus bares no responsibility for privacy policy of websites to which links are displayed on The User who places a link to another website is fully responsible for its content.
Messages sent to the User reserves the right to send the emails with the portal updates to all its users. has the right to send commercial information, especially advertisements as long as prior given a permission by the User. Commercial information and adverts can be attached to in and out going emails from users' inboxes.
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