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Posted: 2019-11-09 - 0 comment(s)

Wedding rings made of precious metals will start at a wedding ring made of silver. In the UK, silver has four different purity standards: 800, 925, 958, 999. Silver is a soft metal that is alloyed and therefore more resistant to wear. 925 or sterling silver is the most common metal because it contains a lot of precious metals, but it is also very wear resistant. 958, also known as Britannia Silver, is whiter than sterling silver and is softer because it contains more silver, so it is easier to mark when worn. The 800 was recently introduced, which allows manufacturers to offer silver jewelry at a lower price. I have not worked together before. 999 is sterling silver and is usually not used in jewelry because it is too soft. The hand-made silver ring refers to a starting price of only £50. Hand-engraved inside the hand-crafted silver ring makes it truly unique.

Sometimes an extra silver wedding ring is purchased to allow the groom or bride to wear at work so that their gold or platinum wedding rings are not worn. For health reasons, many nurses are asked to ensure that their wedding rings do not have stones or grooves, so sometimes we make the same version of their wedding ring silver but no diamonds, so you can wear work.

Some people may be allergic to metals, and if they come into contact with ozone or hydrogen sulfide, the silver will change color and turn black. Black varnish can be cleaned with silver cloth or immersion silver. Avoid wearing silver jewelry in swimming pools or hot tubs because chemicals can turn silver black and can be difficult, if not impossible. If you do so inadvertently, a professional jeweler should be able to restore your ring and make it look like a new ring by sanding.

Silver and copper alloy, if someone wears harmless silver, it will look uncomfortable, but some people will find that the fingers turn green. If you are allergic to silver or don't want to clean it, you can ruthenium like most platinum, which can make the ring hypoallergenic and prevent it from losing its luster. This is a photo of two silver rings. The warm white ring on the left is silver, and the cooler white on the right is silver-plated.

If you want a special and different wedding ring that can be saved forever, silver ring is a great choice. All our designs can be made of any metal. Contact us to discuss how we can provide you with a ring on a special day or an important anniversary.


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