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These Unique Wedding Rings You Need To Collect
Posted: 2020-01-10 - 0 comment(s)

Want to be different? Non-traditional wedding rings are more than just talk. This is a way to express your taste and values, without further ado. Scroll down to see our unique wedding bands favorites.

1. Vintage Ring That Says Everything
I had no idea what kind of ring I wanted. I hadn’t even begun looking when I saw this ring in the window of a vintage jeweler. I went back with my husband-to-be, tried it on, loved it and bought it. I loved it so much it acted as both my engagement and wedding ring and I wore it for the first time on our wedding day in New York.

2. Shiny Oval Ring
Maybe you already have an emerald-cut wedding ring. So now, consider these oval-cut rings. The centerpiece of this oval ring weighs 5 carats. Reinforced gemstones in sterling silver. Small stones fill the entire band. Brings sparkling light.

3. Half Eternal Round Cut Wedding Ring
Do you like simple, light luxury styles? 1.5 carat round center stone, shiny sapphire reinforced by sterling silver 4 scratches. The decorative bands on the sides are individually set with micro gems and extend to one-half of the ring for comfortable wearing.

4. Grandmother’s Gifts Are a Blessing
I was working for a human rights organization in northern India when I met my husband, who is a chef and refugee from Tibet. He ran a French cafe in India and is an incredible singer of traditional Tibetan nomad songs. We were so broke when we met; we lived in a 10-foot-by-10-foot concrete room with no hot water, but we were just happy to be together. Our first date was a walk around the Dalai Lama’s temple and our second date was to visit my husband’s two adopted children at their boarding school. My grandmother gave us two pieces of her jewelry to use as rings, an unexpected and very kind gift. Mine is a basket-set opal and my husband’s is a wide gold band with little arrows. We are so grateful for her blessing on our relationship. Five years later, we have a son and treasure our unusual rings.

Whether an engagement ring, a unique wedding bands, or just for fun, these all caught our eye for being absolutely stunning.

Want to learn more about unique wedding bands styles? For more styles, click here to continue looking.

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