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The basics of wedding rings you need to know
Posted: 2020-01-13 - 0 comment(s)

Although it is something small, your weddings rings is something that requires a lot of thought as you'll want to wear for the rest of your life. Whether you want a traditional band or something more unique, learn about these basic wedding ring choices To help you find the most suitable ring for you faster.

Style considerations
Matches or does not match. There are two ways to consider matching.

Do you want to match your wedding rings to each other? Although this has always been the tradition, it has gradually diminished over the years for many reasons, including the preference for stronger, more scratch-resistant metals, or simply because of a change in personal style.

Would you like the band to match her engagement ring? There is no doubt that if the engagement ring has a certain style, so must the wedding ring. However, these two rings should complement each other, which means that you can buy a wedding ring that can “carry" the ring, but it is not designed for that. This requires more design awareness because you will coordinate a scene yourself.

Ask your jeweler for help-his or her knowledge will be invaluable. Note: The stones may be the same or you can mix white diamonds and colored diamonds or gems. The metal can be the same (platinum and platinum; rose gold and rose gold), or gold can be mixed in engagement and wedding rings. You can choose an independent wedding ring. It may contrast with the engagement ring, rather than blend with it, to create something new and different that truly expresses your creativity and personal style.

Diamonds and gems
If it's not an ordinary band, wedding rings can be set with a variety of gems, although the most popular choice is diamond. Yes, it's the same for men-why should the bride get all the bling?

If you choose to pair with stones, the choice is entirely up to personal taste. Although white diamonds are the most popular choice, you can also choose colored diamonds or contrasting stones-such as amethyst or sapphire under a gorgeous diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Anniversary bands increase the likelihood of chaos. No, we are not dominant here. We know we are talking about wedding rings. The term anniversary band usually refers to a band with diamonds. Diamonds can be clustered on top or can be wrapped around the ring all the time. For women who want to wear diamonds every day but do n’t always wear engagement rings for practical reasons, using an anniversary band as a wedding ring is a common choice.

Wedding rings are a symbol of your commitment, and swapping in an actual wedding is a real highlight. Remember this moment when the options seem endless or start swimming together. There is no right or wrong choice of wedding ring-relax and enjoy time.

Choice of metal
With the diversification of fashion, more and more precious metals have joined the ranks of ring materials. Suggestions on the choice of wedding ring metal for your reference.

Gold / White Gold
Pros: It's a more common metal, so it's cheaper than some other metals. And it can be mixed with different alloys, which means that you can determine its hue according to your preferences.

Pros: Platinum's high density gives it exceptional strength, which means it can protect and secure diamonds or other gemstones. And it is naturally anti-allergic, and there is no problem wearing it on sensitive skin. When platinum is scratched (all metals will be scratched), it just produces metal displacement without losing mass. So your ring can resist the erosion of years. In addition, since it is a pure white metal, it does not cast any color on the center gem.

Rose gold
Pros: Why do people especially love rose gold, one of the reasons is its potential significance. White gold represents friendship, gold represents loyalty, and rose gold represents love. In addition, it is sturdy and looks great with a variety of skin tones.

Advantages: Similar to platinum, palladium does not lose its luster, is very soft, and is sensitive. However, the low density of palladium makes it easy to wear. Compared to platinum, it appears darker and grayer.

Recycled metal
Pros: It always represents environmentally friendly fashion. Recycled metal with bloodless diamonds and other gemstones means complete environmentalism and a unique design. It itself combines the two elements of the old and the new.

Pros: The rugged name and resolute style make this metal extremely suitable for men's rings. It is resistant to corrosion, allergy, and as hard as steel, but as light as aluminum, so it is suitable for men who do not wear jewelry at all.

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