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Why more and more people choose pear-shaped halo engagement rings?
Posted: 2020-01-15 - 0 comment(s)

Katherine Heigl. Victoria Beckham. Anna Kournikova. Princess Charlene of Monaco. What do these women have in common? Well, apart from the obvious--fame, fortune, and beauty--each woman wears a pear halo engagement ring on her left hand .

As far as diamonds go, pear cuts are one of the least common styles you see from day to day. Most women opt for something more traditional, like a round brilliant or princess cut diamond. Look at the red carpet, however, and unique styles like the pear diamond ring rule the day. Why is it that celebrities seek out that striking teardrop shape? Because of the elongated shape, pear diamonds tend to make the fingers appear slimmer, but there are a few other perks to wearing a pear halo engagement ring :

In addition to their striking shape, pear-shaped diamonds have a greater advantage than traditional round-cut diamonds. Due to its elongated shape, the pear-shaped cut looks larger than a round diamond. But this is not only the appearance, in fact, their top surface is 8% larger!

This means that even small diamonds can have a big impact. Of course, a big pear looks absolutely huge.

Even better, pear-shaped diamonds are 10-30% cheaper than round diamonds of the same carat weight.

In addition, the pear shape has a universal style that is perfect for retro, modern and classic looks. Celebrity engagement rings like Ariana Grande have also made pear-shaped diamonds fashionable.

These diamonds can be worn tip up or tip down, though most choose to wear the point toward the fingernail. They ’re also great for unique east-west settings.

The pear halo engagement ring has its unique, stylish look. Compared with round, princess-cut and square-cut diamond rings, it is more concise and exquisite. Pear-shaped wedding rings are ideal for every bride-to-be.

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