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What is the meaning and function of silver wedding bands?
Posted: 2020-01-16 - 0 comment(s)

In ancient Greek mythology, Zeus won the love of the beautiful princess Europa with an exquisite silver wedding bands. It is said that it was the result of an ancient marriage robbing interpretation. At that time, men robbed women of other tribes and put her on rings. After many years of evolution, men wear rings to women to show that she is mine. There are many materials used for rings, including platinum, K gold, gold, silver, etc. So what is the meaning of silver rings?

The moral of the silver wedding bands
It is said that the rings originated in the ancient Chinese court. Women wear rings to remember. The ring is a sign of "forbidden"

According to Western tradition, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you. It is related to the heart. But the knowledge of wearing a ring varies in different places. For example, many Europeans, such as Italy and France, wear wedding rings on the left middle finger, because they believe that the blood of the middle finger is the same as the heart's ten fingers. A wedding ring can only be "heart to heart" when worn on this finger. The British wedding ring was worn on the third finger of the left hand, while the Polish “heart finger" was worn on the little finger of the left hand. Today, the ring is not only a decoration to beautify life, but also a token of love.

Rings are more than just decorations. Which kind of ring you like to wear and which finger you like to wear will reveal your inner story. For ladies-those who love pink diamonds or pink corals are rich and romantic. Those who love rubies or red tourmalines are passionate. Love Sapphire or Aquamarine. More introverted. Those who love emeralds or turquoise stones have weak emotions. For men-wearing a sterling silver ring means a gentle temperament and easy accommodation. Those who wear gold rings pay more attention to interests and often have a savvy business mind. Those who wear jadeite jade pay attention to taste and quality, and do things rigorously.

Although the ring is small, it is an indispensable ornament for our delicate and delicate hands. Its brightness and color have the charm you never imagined. How can you give full play to its charm and truly reflect its role? Let's start with the matching of the finger and the ring: the index finger is a strongly provocative finger in the five fingers, so the ring must have a strong sense of presence and characteristics in order to match it.

There are many things that express love, and only couple rings can truly last forever-it is the unspeakable code of love. No matter how the years change, they will keep their heart in heart and will not give up, so the couple's silver wedding bands has the meaning of commitment.

The benefits of wear silver

Efficacy I. Drug test: “The Tea Horse Road" is a traditional transportation channel connecting domestic and foreign countries, and it is also an economic and cultural communication channel. If you know enough about the history of the Ancient Tea Horse Road, you will find a phenomenon. The caravans walking on the Ancient Tea Horse Road will not only bring a variety of goods, but also bring several silver tableware, such as silver bowls, silver Kettle and so on. Therefore, for a long time, silver tableware is a must for businessmen to go out, not only as a status symbol, but also to maintain the safety of life and property.

Efficacy 2: Anti-inflammatory: From ancient times to the present, beautiful women like to wear earrings, and anyone who pierced through pierced ears knows that if you wear a pair of iron earrings on the pierced ears you have worn, almost 100% will be inflamed, but silver Not only does the earrings not irritate, but the wound heals quickly. This is enough to show that silver has strong anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects.

Efficacy 3. Sterilization: Silver can inhibit almost all bacteria and extracellular viruses known so far. Silver ions are harmless to the human body and will not cause any side effects.

Efficacy 4. Preservation and Keep Fresh: Some people like to use silverware to hold food, so that food stays fresh and delicious for a long time. The silver bowl is not only a symbol of noble purity, which means the highest courtesy, but also has the function of preservation and preservation, because the horse milk will deteriorate in a few days, but the milk in the silver bowl But it can keep delicious and mellow for a long time.

Silver has so many benefits. Silver wedding bands are not only cheaper than other metal rings, but also harmless to the human body. Silver rings with precious stones are the first choice for weddings.

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