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World of Warcraft : Shadowlands The upcoming 9.1.5 patch is now available on the game's public test realm, and fresh patch notes detail even more changes coming to Blizzard's MMO Lost Ark Gold which were not previously disclosed.

The largest of those changes is the elimination of the game's area of effect (or AOE) cap. In Shadowlands the AOE cap ensures that the many abilities that are capable of striking multiple enemies will only be able to affect a specific number of targets. This will be removed in 9.1.5 This will see abilities that are currently AOE capped instead doing less damage to enemies that go beyond the initial five targets.

A developer note in the full patch notes clarifies the motivation behind the changes:

"We've received a lot of feedback from players that these abilities aren't hitting enemies within their range makes it difficult to feel WoW combat, but it's also an issue for trivial encounters like farming the legacy content," the patch notes say.

The note by the developer adds that, while the overall AOE damage from abilities will increase due to the elimination of the cap, the damage that is done to the target will decrease.

"This option means that these skills as well as their related classes Lost Ark Gold for sale will still have a very strong place in the game against packs of 4-6 enemy units," the patch notes state. "As always, the tune will be changed as a result of this shift in the coming weeks, based on your feedback to PTR." PTR."

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