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D2R items , however, we have made this list to let you in on all the locations and bosses that drop them.

Secret Cow Level

One of the best places to farm high runes is without a doubt, the secret cow level. To access the secret level, however, you would need to have done some preparation. To create a portal to the Cow Level, you would first need to have killed the final boss of that difficulty and then combine a Wirt’s Leg and a Tome of Town Portal in the Horadric Cube while standing in the rogue encampment.

Arcane Sanctuary

This is a very good farming location due to ghosts. In Diablo II, ghosts have a smaller, limited drop pool compared to other enemies. Which means that your chances of them dropping a High Rune are higher. It’s important to note that you need to kill them while they are standing on the path (space area) otherwise they will not drop any items at all. There is also a super chest at the end of each platform and you can run into the Summoner, which has a fair chance of dropping a High Rune.


Chaos is the best of both worlds in regards to Cow Level and the Travincal. Merging them together, you get an area riddled with High Runes.

Similar to the Cow Level, you will be bombarded with an army of monsters with a decent drop rate for High Runes. Slash and defeat the countless monsters till you find your desired high rune.


The Countess is a rune farming guide and she's not a good location for anything above Estrone so you can break down her two different drop tables, so the Countess has a unique room drop table that drops up to Estrone and she also has her Monster Drop Table which could potentially drop up to a low rune but though the odds of going past an eastern is very minuscule, so if you're trying to farm anything Estrone or below definitely the Countess is a great location.


Another location to farm for Runes, High Runes especially, is Travincal. Compared to other places in the game, this location has a much higher drop rate, so the probability of you obtaining a valuable high Rune would be bigger.

To quickly locate Travincal while in Upper Kurast, head to the northeast corner of the map. This will lead to the short Kurast Causeway bridge, which then leads to Travincal.

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The farming technique for Travincal is similar to other places in the game, which is to keep killing the enemies that spawn till you get your hands on the rune. Pretty simple, right?

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